What services are best for you?

Reading the information provided here will explain the differences in the counselling services that I offer. If you are not sure which services you might need, that is okay too. We can discuss these options in further during our initial fifteen- minute phone consultation.


Individual Counselling

  • One- on- one, with you and the counsellor

  • The overall purpose for individual counselling is explore your feelings, beliefs, behaviours, and experiences in an effort to work towards your desired therapy goals.


Couples Counselling

  • You and your partner, facilitated by the counsellor

  • You can expect to meet individually with the counsellor as well

  • Couples counselling can help you and your partner to gain insights into your relationship, resolve conflicts, and increase relationship satisfaction.


Family Counselling

  • You, your partner (if applicable), and your child/children

  • All parties can expect to meet individually with the counsellor as well

  • Family counselling can aid your family in better communication, improved conflict resolution and problem- solving skills, and increase understanding of how family members impact one another, as well as the whole family unit.


Group Counselling

  • You will meet weekly as part of a fixed small group of people with similar issues

  • Generally lasts for minimum of 8 weeks, meeting once weekly during this time. 

  • Beneficial for increasing feelings of support, providing a safe opportunity to help you relate to yourself and others in healthier ways.


Play Therapy

  • Suitable for children under 12 years of age

  • Depending on age and development, talk therapy can be difficult for younger children

  • Provides a unique opportunity for children to express themselves safely through play

  • Through direct observation, affirmation, and boundary setting, the therapist empowers the child to learn healthier ways for behaving and expressing their emotions.


For the most therapeutic value, meeting face- to face is preferred. However, I am able to consider and discuss options with you for online or telephone counselling in certain situations.

Please contact me today to discuss which service is right for your needs.